New Nokia 3310 Concept Running Android Looks Exceptional

We should admit that Nokia’s previous phones are sturdy. That’s the rationale why Nokia 3310’s comeback was one among the trending news on the net. We’ve got noticed many incidences like Nokia telephone saved man’s life by stopping a bullet and just we’ve got seen British Soldier Dave Mitchell’s New Nokia 3310 operating well once living the combat zone of Islamic State of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Nokia 3310 was additionally called one among the foremost sure-fire Nokia phones of all time as a result of their indestructible and most reliable phone ever created by Nokia. Many rumors claimed that there’s a clear stage of the comeback of Nokia 3310 at MWC 2017.

Some other laborious to trust rumors claims that Nokia 3310 are resurrected as associate degree mechanical man Smartphone. Taking these stories to ensuing level designers have created the renders and thought videos of Nokia 3310.

The teaser of recent Nokia 3310 shows the phone have dual cameras, fingerprint scanner associate degree a picture Nokia boot screen and sound. Thought creator has created the teaser. Have a glance at the teaser:

Not solely this, thought creator announce another video that shows however new Nokia 3310 can keep its appearance.

Well, these are simply a renders. So, we have a tendency to can’t make a case for however the approaching Nokia 3310 can specifically appear as if. However, Nokia 3310 was enough to urge excited for. So, what does one consider this? Share your views within the comment box below.

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