The next iPhone could feature wireless charging

Apple is now a member of the Wireless Power pool. As spotted by 9to5mac, the website has recently been updated to feature Apple jointly of the 213 members. This update fuels recent rumors that Apple is going to feature wireless charging within the next iPhone.

While wireless charging is nothing new, Apple has been very cautious concerning this feature. The Apple Watch already works with a magnetic cable that charges your device wirelessly. But the iPhone has ne’er had such a feature.

When wireless charging 1st became in style, it was either slow or your phone battery would become hot. If this feature isn’t implemented properly, it could injury batteries over the long haul. In addition thereto technical challenge, companies were competitor to set the quality. The technology is now ready for prime time, and Apple seems to be ready to move ahead.

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities has already said that the next iPhone ought to feature wireless charging additionally to the great recent Lightning port.

In September, Apple could introduce, not one, not two however 3 totally different iPhone models. In addition to the iPhone eight and iPhone 8 and (or no matter the decision them), there should be a higher-end “pro” model.

It’s unclear if all iPhones or just the highest model can feature wireless charging. Similarly, nobody is aware of for certain if Apple goes to place the charger within the box or still ship the devices with a Lightning cable.

There are several, many firms in the Wireless Power pool, including Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC and Qualcomm. So today’s announcement doesn’t mean a lot of concerning Apple’s plans. And yet, it’s hard to dismiss it once you mix it with the present rumors — it’s lots of smoke.

Now, if only someone might tell Apple that the Lightning port is kind of helpful. If you blink, Apple could use this chance to get rid of that one last port on the iPhone.

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