Reliance Jio 4G Preview supply currently offered for HTC, Intex and Vivo 4G smartphones



Even though we have a tendency to detected reports concerning Reliance Jio quickly stopping the problem of recent Jio 4G SIM cards for many days, the corporate has more extended the Jio 4G Preview supply to HTC, Intex and Vivo smartphones.



Reliance Jio has formally proclaimed the extension of the Jio 4G Preview supply to pick out HTC, Intex and Vivo smartphones. the method to avail the supply remains same as before, that involves users generating the coupon to avail the Jio Preview supply from the MyJio app. Users then ought to visit the closest Reliance Digital, Mini store, Jio partner store with the KYC documents and collect the free Jio 4G SIM card.


Once activated, the smartphone users will avail the complete edges of the Jio Preview supply which has ninety days of unlimited 4G information, calls, SMS and access to Jio’s suite of apps. The supply is valid to each – new and existing smartphone users.


The following smartphones have formally been confirmed eligible for the Jio Preview Offer:




Desire 626 twin SIM

Desire 628

Desire 630

Desire 728 twin SIM

Desire 820

Desire 820Q

Desire 820S twin SIM

Desire 825

Desire 826

Desire 826 twin SIM

Desire 828 twin SIM

Desire 830

Desire Eye


10 modus vivendi

One A9

One E9 S twin SIM

One E9+ twin SIM

One M8

One M8 Eye

One M9 and

One M9e

One Pine Tree State twin SIM

One X9



Aqua 4G

Aqua 4G Star

Aqua 4G sturdy

Aqua 4G+

Aqua Ace

Aqua Ace 2

Aqua Ace mini

Aqua Craze

Aqua Eco 4G

Aqua GenX

Aqua Music

Aqua Power 4G

Aqua Raze

Aqua S7

Aqua Secure

Aqua Shine 4G

Aqua sturdy five.1

Aqua Super

Aqua Trend

Aqua Turbo 4G

Aqua View

Aqua Wing

Cloud 4G sensible

Cloud 4G Star

Cloud Crystal two.5D

Cloud Fame 4G

Cloud Flash

Cloud Glory 4G

Cloud Jewel

Cloud String HD

Cloud String V2.0

Cloud Swift