Truecaller lands pre-install traumatize Huawei because it crosses 90M monthly users

Truecaller has landed a partnership with Huawei which is able to see its caller ID and good phone book app pre-loaded on the aggressive Chinese company’s overseas smartphones.

The deal represents the foremost vital tie-up thus far for Stockholm-based Truecaller, that offers social options within the caller app and uses a crowdsourced directory to assist determine spam calls. The deal can at the start apply to the honour eight, Huawei’s latest flagship, once it launches next month, however a Truecaller representative told TechCrunch that the app are going to be pre-bundled on future Huawei phones oversubscribed across the U.S., geographical area, geographical area, South East Asia and India.

The companies confirmed that there’s no money component to the current deal, rather it’s a strategic deal to assist either side to grow.

Huawei shipped one hundred million devices last year, a figure that was up thirty three % on 2014, with some forty million of that variety oversubscribed overseas. the corporate is trying to integrate third-party apps to travel on the far side stock Google services and create its devices normal aside from the packed field of robot smartphones.

“As we tend to were coming up with the launch of our flagship device Honor eight, we tend to were trying to find partners UN agency will actually redefine the user expertise, Truecaller was an evident option to facilitate improve the native business functions. they supply an imperative service for uncountable users on a daily basis. we tend to square measure connection hands to confirm that various brands get the most effective of each worlds,” George Zhao, president of Huawei’s Honor business, aforesaid in a very statement.

That’s almost all for nowadays, though.

Truecaller migrated its standalone social business app — Truedialler — into its main app in March, and also the company unconcealed nowadays that its users square measure currently creating over five hundred million calls per month. the common length of every decision is around one hundred seconds, the corporate other. That’s pretty spectacular once you take into account that WhatsApp reached one hundred million calls inside its app per day earlier this year — however it counts over a billion active users.

Truecaller told TechCrunch solely that it’s seen over 250 million downloads thus far, with India its biggest market accounting for a hundred thirty million of these. However, a supply about to the corporate unconcealed that it recently passed ninety million monthly active users and is closing down on one hundred million. To date, the corporate has ne’er in public unconcealed its monthly active user count, and it declined to investigate our figure.

Back in 2015, we tend to rumored that Truecaller was in talks to lift $100 million at a valuation of over $1 billion. That funding ne’er materialized, and chatting with TechCrunch earlier this year, corporate executive Alan Mamedi aforesaid the corporate doesn’t would like capital it began to monetise via targeted advertising.

“We don’t would like external funding, we’re truly creating cash straight away,” the Truecaller corporate executive told United States of America. “We’re in an exceedingly} specific position… we’re still atiny low company and I’d say we’re a very economical company… Raising funds takes such a lot focus from your core business. Success has late been seen as what proportion cash you raise, I don’t see that as a healthy perspective. We’re centered on our product and conveyance the most effective expertise to our users.”