Update your iPhone currently or risk obtaining hacked with a straightforward SMS


As several as eighty six per cent users out there area unit nevertheless to update their iPhones to the most recent version.

If you have got not nevertheless updated your iPhone to the most recent iOS nine.3.5, it’s time to depart everything aside and obtain it done without delay. The update can patch an enormous security flaw in Apple’s iOS OS, that is liable to hackers via a straightforward text message.

According to a report by analytics firm MixPanel, around eighty six per cent of iPhone users haven’t nevertheless updated the recent version from Apple, reports Business business executive. The new OS version nine.3.5 fixes a significant security flaw within the OS that permits a hacker to require over the device with a straightforward text message.

These Brobdingnagian numbers of users WHO area unit nevertheless to safeguard their devices with associate degree update area unit extremely vulnerable the malicious tool known as Pegasus, that is understood to be extremely not possible to sight. The flaw permits the defenceless telephone set to be utterly taken by associate degree wrongdoer, WHO will management the device with spying tools. The wrongdoer will management the iPhone’s camera, faucet on its electro-acoustic transducer, track the user’s movements and additionally log all messages on the phone.

Security researchers WHO found this flaw, termed it as spear because it used 3 zero-day vulnerabilities that was unknown to Apple. once they disclosed the analysis to Apple, the Cupertino company issued associate degree imperative update to iOS with version nine.3.5.

Apple has urged all its users to right away update their iOS devices to the most recent version so as to stay their devices safe from the attackers.