What I learned once every week victimisation the 2013 Moto X


Most of the writers here at AndroidGuys amendment phones pretty often with the bulk switch a minimum of once a year. With my trustworthy Nexus half dozen, I most likely have the oldest daily driver on the positioning as my device nears its second birthday. However, several smartphone users don’t seem to be able to upgrade their phones as typically as school reviewers ar for reasons starting from lack of funds to a scarcity of interest.

After my friend stone-broke his phone and rendered it essentially useless, I found my original Moto X and Lent it to him till he might get a replacement phone. Now, he encompasses a new one, and also the Moto X is back in my possession. this whole state of affairs created Maine surprise what it’d be wish to use a three-year-old phone as a daily driver. therefore I switched back to the Moto X for every week, and that i am able to share my expertise.

The Phone

The original Moto X was tiny once it came out three years agone, and today, it appears even smaller. though the four.7″ screen is identical in size to the present iPhone 6s’, the dimensions of the phone is just slightly larger than Associate in Nursing iPhone 4s. i’m still affected when I examine simply what quantity screen Motorola packed into a chassis this tiny.

At 720p, the resolution of the Moto X is laughable compared to the 2K or perhaps 4K displays found on most smartphones these days, however at a comparatively tiny screen size, the lower resolution isn’t as noticeable.

Okay, that the screen has delayed alright. What concerning everything else?

I have perpetually favored the approach the Moto X sits in your hand whereas you hold it. The smaller kind issue {coupled with|including|as well as|plus|in addition to|let alone|not to Mainention} the rounded back and little dimple below the camera build it extraordinarily comfy to carry even once you have massive hands like me. that’s one thing lost with later versions of the X line. Of course, not everything concerning the Moto X build is nice.

The Moto X is unapologetically plastic, which won’t perpetually be a decent issue. Yes, it’s unbroken the load of the phone low (although a phone this size wouldn’t be that significant anyway), however long run sturdiness and look ar a unique story.

My Moto X has been heavily used, and it’s the battle scars to prove it. There ar cracks within the plastic on the edges of the phone at the side of alittle piece missing, and also the back of the phone is dirty and stained (thanks partly to the white color). Most of this might be fastened with a phone skin, however the actual fact is that the plastic build of the Moto X hasn’t delayed nice over the years.

The Performance

Anyone acquainted with the robot scene in 2013 remembers that the Moto X was a severe departure from the traditional flagships of the time. whereas most firms were centered on competitive with verbal description sheets, Motorola went a wholly totally different route and engineered the Moto X with a drive towards expertise.


The Moto X comes with a dual-core flower S4 professional SOC and 2GB of RAM. Yes, I aforesaid dual-core, however don’t let that fool you. The Moto X comes with a custom build language processor and a discourse awareness processor that brought on some distinct options. Any phone specifications from 2013 are going to be wildly obsolete currently, however even in 2013, the Moto X packed lower-end hardware than just about the other flagship.

I knew that the Moto X 2013 would feel sluggish compared to today’s phones, however i used to be really stunned by however well it delayed to my daily tasks. Yes, there were, of course, some stutters and a bit little bit of lag once switch between many apps quickly, however nothing that i assumed created victimisation the Moto X annoying or troublesome. gap apps was fast, swiping to kind with Google Keyboard was fluid, and scrolling through social media and webpages was astonishingly sleek.

I attribute a lot of of this performance to Motorola’s nearly stock robot skin. The efficient OS appearance pretty much as good these days because it did once it came out. Moto did add some further options to its Moto X, however they’re well thought out and helpful. The perpetually listening assistant remains my favorite addition with the Moto X in any case these years, and that i assume it’s even done higher than Google currently on its own.

A close second to the assistant is Moto show, that we’ve seen employed by different firms in additional recent phones. This feature lights up the show once a notification comes in and permits you to move with the notification while not totally wakening your phone.

Unfortunately despite however stock the code is also, my AT&T branded Moto X is forever stuck at robot five.1 Lollipop, which suggests that newer robot options and fixes won’t be seen on this phone. i might like to see however well it’d perform running the latest version of robot. The curse of shopping for any phone that isn’t a Nexus…

You didn’t notice any issues with the Moto X at all? what quantity did Motorola purchase this write-up!?

Oh, don’t worry. The Moto X positively has some issues. one amongst the annoying bugs that I ran across was that generally YouTube videos would simply not play. Everything would load and also the initial frame would be there, however the video itself was simply frozen. i assumed this could be because of running Associate in Nursing updated version of YouTube, however the expertise was constant with the default version, too.

I additionally found that victimisation the camera with the battery anyplace below half-hour was grounds for the phone to power off. This happened despite whether or not you were victimisation the camera app or another app like Snapchat. Ironically, you’ll power the phone back on and still have constant quantity of battery left, however open the camera once more and back down it goes! once every week with the Moto X, these ar the sole code bugs i might describe as annoying or frustrating.
Battery life is another obstacle that has hindered the Moto X ever since it had been proclaimed. The 2200mAh battery was ne’er enough to urge the Moto X through a full day of significant usage. 3 years of battery decay later and also the Moto X suffers even as a lot of. I might typically get around a pair of to a pair of.5 hours of screen time with the Moto X before it starts solicitation to be obstructed in.

Just like once it came out, the Moto X won’t be winning any benchmarking awards. however i used to be stunned with the performance it showed. Basic tasks were done fairly swimmingly with solely Associate in Nursing occasional stutter or lag. evidently, there ar some weird bugs stoning up and battery life still suffers, however none were dangerous enough to completely ruin the expertise.

The Camera

If any of you’ve got ever in hand a Moto X, then you must apprehend specifically what i’m on the point of say. The camera isn’t good…at all. Even once it had been initial discharged, camera quality was most likely the largest criticism talked concerning by reviewers. Detail is poor, low lightweight is non-existent, and overall image quality is simply dangerous. I’d like to say that code updates fastened those issues, however that’s not the case.

The Moto X comes with a feature that enables the camera to be launched “quickly” with a double twist of your articulatio radiocarpea, and whereas it did launch fairly quick in 2013, the speed would be thought of slow these days. I want I had one thing smart to mention concerning the Moto X’s camera, however it wasn’t smart once it came out and hasn’t aged well, either.


So I’ve used the three-year-old Moto X for every week, i have to be dying to urge back to a more moderen phone, right? really, that’s not totally true. Yes, I miss the larger screens and higher cameras of newer smartphones, however returning to the Moto X helped Maine keep in mind why I decision it my favorite phone of all time.

Even once 3 years, it’s a reasonably fast phone. The code remains a number of the most effective accessible (I’d extremely be missing this if I wasn’t going back to a Nexus), and Moto’s additional options just like the always-listening assistant ar still as convenient as ever. Its size is tremendous for those searching for a smaller phone however still desire a tight screen size, and also the comfortableness of it within the hand is unmatched.

Problems ar abound on each the hardware and code fronts, however I will say confidently that the initial Moto X remains capable enough to function a daily driver in 2016. And that’s pretty high praise for a phone over 3 years recent.