NASA to send submarine to Saturn’s moon Titan in search of life

NASA unconcealed its conceive to send a submarine to the ocean of Saturn’s moon, Titan, seeking to explore its depths and explore for signs of life. Saturn’s moon is exclusive because it is that the solely body within the outer system but the planet to own liquid lakes and seas on its surface.

The ocean, Kraken Mare – the most important on Titan – likewise as alternative Titanian seas aren’t composed of water, like Earth’s seas, however area unit seas of liquid hydrocarbons. mythical being Hartwig, a NASA cryogeny engineer at the NASA Innovative Advanced ideas conference within the US aforementioned, “There area unit extremely 2 massive reasons why we would like to travel to Titan”.

First is to see if organic compound primarily based life is feasible on Titan and conjointly because it the sole moon in our system with clouds and an environment. Titan and Earth area unit terribly similar except the acute cold and oceans of liquid alkane. The alkane ocean could hold clues to however life evolved and presumably even extraterrestrial microbes.

The submarine can carry instruments to live the structure of the seabed, chemical composition of the ocean, and its currents and tides. The mission continues to be in its abstract stages however if the scientists at NASA arrange to move with the project, they’ll not be able to launch it till 2038 owing to however the planet and Saturn area unit aligned with Titan’s seasons.