Robots will increasingly make unskilled labor obsolete

The readying of building drones is simply another sign that the age of robots displacing human staff in unskilled labor jobs is currently upon US. The food industry is ripe for automation via robots, and whereas flying robots is also the best to deploy right away, robot robots that flip burgers, unload delivery trucks and prepare food ingredients ar inbound over successive decade approximately. As these robots sweep into service markets, uncountable unskilled human staff United Nations agency presently hold such jobs are left at leisure.

This is especially relevant when considering how fast food workers in America are already protesting in the streets for $15 / hour wages. The higher the wages demanded by workers, the more quickly restaurants can justify investments in robots that replace them.

Unlike human workers, restaurant drones and humanoid robots:

• Don’t call in sick
• Don’t sexually harass coworkers
• Don’t steal food
• Don’t spit in the food
• Don’t get high on breaks
• Don’t insult the customers
• Don’t slack off and whine about being asked to work
• Don’t require Obamacare coverage
• Don’t need vacation days
• Don’t quit unexpectedly
• Don’t divulge company secrets to competitors
• Don’t have their arms and necks covered with gang tattoos