Smartron Collaborates With USC on Machine Leaning, Wearables Research

Home-grown technology company Smartron and University of Southern Calif. (USC) have collaborated to impart individualised education through the applications of Machine Learning and wearable technologies.

USC’s Center for Human Applied Reasoning and also the web of Things (CHARIOT), together with Smartron, would specialize in building the framework for making an efficient, classroom-based system for measure the psychological feature and affectional influences on learning victimization smartphones and a variety of sensors.

“We area unit happy to be the primary Indian product whole to partner with USC’s CHARIOT to collaborate on making this new and massively immersive and individualized learning programme supported IoT,” aforementioned Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder, Smartron founder, on Friday. Smartron tronX one Smartron tronX

Smartron recently unveiled “tronX”, a first-of-its-kind intelligent system that connects a variety of devices, sensors and systems to “tronX” core, providing evolving experiences and services.

“With our wearables high-powered by “tronX”, we are going to be able to gather and analyse the info to assist produce the foremost effective¬†Machine Learning interventions for college students United Nations agency may have it,” Lingareddy accessorial during a statement.

According to CHARIOT, shifting the main focus of instruction to include IoT can lead to a paradigm shift in understanding the psychological feature and emotional processes within the learning sciences and build product that area unit sensible, accessible and ascendable.

“Incorporating wearable devices and AI (AI) into the daily course of study and teaching methodologies might facilitate lecturers to effectively map students’ learning curve and administer tailored interventions,” aforementioned Kenneth Yates, Co-Director, CHARIOT.


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