Snappr makes it affordable to order a professional photographer on demand

Everyone loves being in photos taken by a skilled lensman. Because as sensible as our iPhone cameras area unit lately, there’s just no comparison to an image taken by knowledgeable on a high-quality DSLR.

But most of U.S. don’t usually get this chance, because skilled photographers area unit typically solely employed for large-budget, high-profile events — not your Friday-night dinner party with 8 alternative friends.

But Snappr, an Australian-based startup that is a part of Y Combination’s Winter ’17 batch, wants to modification this. The company permits you to book knowledgeable photographer which will show up to require photos inside twelve hours of being ordered.

And the better part — it’s really reasonable. Snappr charges by the amount of your time the lensman is at your event taking photos, and has two totally different rating structures — a package wherever you get to choose a group variety of photos and a vast package.

So if you wish a 30-minute shoot, you’d pay just $59 to choose the most effective three photos (the lensman can capture a bunch, then you get to see all of them and choose your 3 favorites) or pay $99 for a 30-minute shoot with unlimited photos. This scales all the way up to a full-day shoot. For reference, a two-hour shoot with 12 photos enclosed would price $149, and a two-hour shoot with unlimited photos costs $249. Still really reasonable.

So however do you apprehend you’ll get your money’s worth? The startup includes a high barrier to entry — solely five % of candidates area unit choose to be photographers on the platform, and Snappr interviews each someone in person before being approved.

Snappr then matches these photographers with customers depending on what form of photography they focus on. For example, a customer might wish somebody to return do a 30-minute image be after a replacement LinkedIn profile image. Snappr’s algorithm then can notice 3 photographers WHO specialize in that space, and show the suggestions to the customer, WHO has the last choice of who they need to rent.

For this matching service the startup takes a 20 % cut of the basic packages from the lensman, and a higher cut on the higher-priced packages.

Matt Schiller, co-founder of Snappr, explained that by making it reasonable and straightforward to book a lensman unpunctual the corporate is removing the air of knowledgeable lensman. Essentially, they want you to be able to rent somebody to require nice photos at events that you’d ne’er antecedently have thought to rent somebody — like AN intimate party or work time of day.

And while there area unit, of course, other directories to rent a lensman on-line, they often create you choose from an inventory, then negotiate on worth directly with the lensman, which is discouraging for somebody not accustomed booking photographers. Plus, they require advanced notice. Snappr will send somebody with twelve hours’ notice, and is working toward presently moving to a one-hour window.

Snappr is now live in point of entry and San Jose, as well as a bunch of Australian cities, including state capital and Melbourne.

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