Fastrackerz Launches smart software For real-Time car monitoring

The product is moveable and totally amazing in storing vehicle data for 6 months from engine usage to fleet abstract file.
Fastrackerz has lately launched its one-of-a-style clever resource instrument, dubbed the FT0007 that assists a driver in actual-time car tracking and monitoring. The product, with its unusual elements, is all set to be a quality asset to the logistics and transportation industry.

FT0007 comes with an internal GPS/GSM antenna that most likely sends alarm and experiences to its user even as the auto is on run. The product is replete with a battery life that lasts effortlessly as much as 2 hours. It is tremendously priceless for individuals who desire to have designated monitoring of their auto utilization. It’s also a device that stores automobile knowledge for six months, from accurate engine usage to fleet abstract report. It comes as a tiny sized tool that assures safety of your vehicle.

FT0007 comes with an alarm that alerts a driver concerning the route and over-speeding of the car. It has an in-constructed SOS panic alarm that acts as a preventive measure for drivers. An brought abilities of the product is its backup battery lifestyles. The monitoring product also provides an alternative to replay the car driving route. It includes a siren for the engine at any time when it is in on/off mode. It also indicators a driver when the vehicle is on the transfer and when it stops.

The product is highly amazing in fixing different-related issues in working a vehicle aside from altering the typical auto fleet problems. It occupies a tiny spice in the vehicle as compared to different gadgets. Portability is one among its key features that in flip reduces stress phases in terms of monitoring auto real-time.

Commenting on this, Amit Kalra (Director, Fastrackerz) mentioned, “The logistics enterprise tends to be highly risky with regards to fleet administration. Our today’s gadget FT0007 makes real-time fleet management less difficult and is tremendously amazing in offering accurate details to the top-person. The device promises as conveniently because the larger merchandise and also presents an advantage of being moveable and reasonably priced. We are relatively blissful and proud to cater to the innate wants of our consumers through with ease making on hand merchandise like FT0007 in the logistics and transportation segment”