India Has Greatest Interest in Mobile Development Courses, Says Google

India overtook the United States to become the most important country in terms of interest in mobile development courses in 2016, Google Republic of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} same on weekday – search queries for mobile development courses from India saw two hundred % year-on-year growth within the last 2 years.

Karnataka, state and geographic area diode with bulk of Search queries for mobile developer courses. “We have seen tremendous response across mobile developer courses from Bharat, with 16,500 students enrolling monthly, usurping robot development, mobile internet development and learning new cloud-based technology courses,” same Peter Lubbers, Head, Google Developer coaching, in a very statement.

With Bharat reordering the United States in usage and adoption of smartphones at 220 million active devices, the interest in learning development courses for mobile platform saw large uptake in demand within the country.

Search interest in courses for mobile development additionally saw quick growth from state, with search queries rising at seventy % year-on-year and province seeing question growth of 158 % year-on-year.

“While Bharat leads the planet in terms of education-related queries, demand for education courses has been steady rising, comprising forty % of the full search volume growing at a healthy rate of fifty % year-on-year,” Google Bharat same.
The search interest in mobile development courses shaped solely half-dozen % of overall IT-related courses demand. The class is anticipated to grow speedily because the trade demand for quality mobile developers continues to rise.

Training partners like Simplilearn, Udacity, Edureka, Koenig, Manipal world, and upload square measure the key non-public players which provide mobile development courses in Bharat.

“Over sixty-five % of our mobile developer learners in Bharat consist of school students and contemporary graduates, compared to the United States wherever sixty % of the learners square measure operating professionals between the people 25-44,” additional avatar Kumar, corporate executive of Simplilearn.

Starting 2017, over forty non-public and state technical universities can supply the “Android Fundamental” course as a part of customary course of study.

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