Instagram Reportedly Testing Multi-Photo Album Uploads on the Android App

If you are feeling unnatural by your inability to share multiple photos on Instagram during a single move, a brand new feature can before long create your vacation look lovely during a single album.

According to a report in Droid Life on weekday, Instagram is testing a brand new feature within the humanoid app that lets users share multiple photos from their smartphone’s gallery as associate album on the photo-sharing network.

Only advertisers area unit able to share multiple photos from their gallery presently that users will swipe through horizontally, however with the check, it’s just like the feature might create its thanks to all 600 million Instagram users before long.

“Users will choose up to ten photos from their galley, slam on filters to every ikon they opt for, then transfer the photos as associate album to your timeline. From your followers’ perspective, they’re going to see the album and might then slide through the varied shots, feeling photos as they’re going,” the report noted. Whereas users will choose photos and apply filters, they can’t however transfer the album to their Instagram timelines.

So for, solely restricted users will see the feature on Instagram v10.7.0 for Android, the most recent version of the app that is obtainable from Google Play. The Facebook-owned company appearance to be testing the feature with choose Android users for currently, as not everybody with the app will see it. It’s most likely a server-side update which will be enabled during a future version, or, in switched on for different users before long. Some users report that they’re seeing the feature within the beta version of the humanoid app – there isn’t any telling once IOS devices can get the new feature.

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