Microsoft Says Windows 10 may be a Hit, however several Users Beg To take issue

Microsoft says Windows 10 could be a hit with its customers. However several Windows users beg to disagree. The corporate declared that under a year when it launched, Windows 10 is already running on 350 million devices. in addition, client satisfaction with it’s more than for any previous version of the package, the software system big aforementioned.


That may be, however it is not arduous to seek out customers UN agency are not pleased with the new software system. A Sausalito lady created headlines recently when she sued Microsoft and won a $10,000 judgment as a result of associate unauthorized Windows ten upgrade essentially created her computer unusable. Meanwhile, an easy Google search can occur  varied different dissatisfied users.


I’ve detected from lots of upset Windows customers recently when writing many columns regarding Windows 10. Some lost crucial information or options once their computers created the jump to the new Windows version. Some paid many bucks to PC support firms to revive their computers to earlier versions of Windows.


Many were merely displeased at the ways Microsoft has won’t to push users to upgrade to Windows 10 or pissed off that their computers were updated while not their consent. Chris Wood, 61, was among those upset with Microsoft when his 91-year-old father was “tricked” by the corporate into upgrading and could not make out a way to use his PC subsequently.


“It is incredibly distressing Microsoft would treat paying customers with such disrespect and disrespect for what they require,” Wood, a software system salesperson UN lives in Pleasanton, aforementioned in associate email. “Not giving customers some way to mention no is of course deceitful associated an inappropriate business observe.”


Microsoft has aforementioned it might shortly amendment the upgrade method, creating it easier for Windows seven and eight users to opt of Windows 10 for good.


“Our most significant priority for Windows 10 is for everybody to like Windows,” Terry Myerson, govt  VP, Windows and Devices cluster, aforementioned recently in a very statement. “We’ll still be semiconductor diode by your feedback and invariably, earning and maintaining your trust is our commitment and priority.”


Microsoft free Windows 10 last summer. I gave it a positive review as a result of it addresses several of the complaints that not comparable with Windows eight.


The package is obtainable as a free upgrade for Windows seven and Windows eight users till July twenty nine. Microsoft has been heavily promoting it because the most secure version of Windows ever. it’s conjointly sharply tried to induce it put in on consumers’ machines, creating it troublesome for them to say no the upgrade and even going to this point on upgrade their computers while not their specific permission.


But several users are reluctant to form the jump to Windows 10 or have seen things in it they did not like. for instance, several Windows programs haven’t been updated to support Windows 10. And drivers for several peripherals like printers are not nevertheless accessible for the new package — and should ne’er be.


That’s what Hartmut Wiesenthal found once he determined to simply accept the upgrade supply. though Microsoft told the 54-year-old engineer his PC was one hundred PC compatible with Windows 10, he quickly found that a number of his instrumentality wasn’t.


Wiesenthal could not print documents on his several-year-old printer when he upgraded. And his Kensington arrival station now not worked along with his PC. In each cases , the John Charles Fremont resident found there have been no drivers — the software system utilized by the PC to speak with specific peripherals — for the devices and none were in development. What is a lot of, once he came his computer to Windows 7, he found that the previous drivers had been worn out within the upgrade and he required to seek  out and transfer them once more.


“I searched (for) them on-line and was lucky to seek out them,” Wiesenthal aforementioned in associate email. “I share all of this as a warning.”


Windows 10 conjointly ditched some options that some users relied on. Most notably, it does not embody Media Center. Thus Windows now not has the inherent ability to play DVDs or tune or record TV programs. Microsoft is providing a separate app to play DVDs at no cost to some users UN agency upgrade to Windows 10, however others need to pay $15 for it.


Being forced to acquire a feature antecedently enclosed along with his PC — beside all the pop-up messages pushing him to upgrade — irked Terry Grant, 74, UN typically watches DVDs on his PC.


“It simply irritated ME,” aforementioned the Cupertino resident UN agency retired from NASA when an extended career there. “It appears to ME, as per usual, I will expect Windows won’t be swing their customers initial.”


Some individuals have two-faced even larger issues when upgrading to Windows 10. When her company upgraded her PC to Windows 10, one reader aforementioned that some 600 files in her My Documents folder had been deleted. sadly, her PC hadn’t been set to keep a copy the files and also the school support person at her company could not restore the files even when downloading a file recovery program.


Microsoft will supply a comparatively simple thanks to restore PCs that are upgraded to Windows 10 to the previous version they were running. however users need to benefit of that technique inside thirty days of being upgraded or they lose that simple possibility.


When his PC was upgraded to Windows 10, Tony Daniels found that it now not worked along with his printer and had different, a lot of minor glitches. The 65-year-old retired sales manager complete up paying $150 to a PC repair company to dis-embarrass his machine of Windows 10.


“Microsoft was doing each underhanded trick doable to induce ME to simply accept (Windows) 10,” the Antakya resident aforementioned in associate email. “I do not keep in mind wherever I screwed up and let these guys try this to ME.”


Daniels added: “If they get a lawsuit against them, count ME in.”