Movavi Video Editor: Easy and Intuitive Video Editing

As videos become easier and more convenient to record, the need for video editing has grown. When you record a video on your smartphone, digital camera, or even by capturing your screen – wouldn’t you like to be able to tweak it if necessary?

Unfortunately video editing has a long-held reputation for being complicated. That reputation is well-earned, as most video editors were designed for professionals and assumed a certain level of experience and expertise. But nowadays there are editors that are more user-friendly and some like Movavi Video Editor are designed specifically to make video editing easier and more intuitive.

Optimizing the User Experience

In contrast to other video editors you may have tried in the past, Movavi Video Editor places a lot of emphasis on making the user experience as smooth and forgiving as possible. That is reflected throughout the editor, including its user interface, features, and tools.

Being the most observable part, the user interface has a clean and simple appearance that is in line with modern design aesthetics. Its layout may look familiar, as it uses a timeline-based structure that is common in video editors.

Part of the appeal of Movavi Video Editor’s user interface is that it makes it easy to find the right tools. Some of the common tools to process video footage are conveniently placed right above the Timeline, whereas other features are neatly organized into tabs on the navigation sidebar.

The features and tools themselves are easy to apply, and most lean on familiar actions to make themselves intuitive. For example you may have to drag an element into place, adjust a slider, resize a frame, or just click to select and element. Some of the features in Movavi Video Editor are even automated, to make applying them even less of a hassle.

It is difficult to accurately describe just how easy it is to use Movavi Video Editor, but take these examples: To open a video you just have to drag it to the main working area, and to adjust the sequence of videos you just need to drag them around in the Timeline. Similarly you can adjust the color settings using simple sliders, or click once on the ‘Magic Enhance’ feature to have it automatically calculate and apply the optimal settings.

Suffice to say Movavi Video Editor’s emphasis on the user experience will make video editing much more accessible. More importantly it ensures that the learning curve required is minimal, so you can get started and apply its features without needing any prior experience.

Comprehensive Features and Capabilities

If you’ve tried to find user-friendly editors in the past, one of the problems you may have encountered is that they tend to be fairly basic and light on features. That isn’t the case with Movavi Video Editor however, and its features are comprehensive enough to go toe to toe with most editors.

To put it simply Movavi Video Editor’s features will let you edit your videos in much the same way a professional would. It will give you the versatility that you need to process video footage, improve it, and even use various types of effects.

Using the features in Movavi Video Editor you can expect to be able to:

  • Merge videos together or split them into segments, rearrange them, and remove any parts that aren’t wanted.
  • Enhance the quality of videos by adjusting the color settings and fixing any problems such as blurry, shaky, or pixelated video segments.
  • Add additional audio tracks containing background music, a voiceover, and more.
  • Edit audio to adjust the equalizer settings, normalize quiet sound, get rid of background noise, or apply effects such as fade-in and fade-out.
  • Place animated transitions between video segments to make cuts more interesting.
  • Apply various filters to alter the visual style and appearance of the video.
  • Use special effects such as slow-motion, reverse, Chroma Key, and so on.
  • Add and customize text elements to create unique-looking captions, titles, watermarks, or subtitles.
  • Record additional video footage or audio from external devices such as a webcam or microphone.
  • Automatically cut together a movie from numerous clips using the ‘Montage Wizard’.


At the end of the day if you want to edit your videos but are worried about how complicated it will be or whether or not it will take too long – Movavi Video Editor is definitely the solution that you want. Its powerful features and easy-to-use approach make it a great choice, even for anyone editing videos for the first time.

To be honest the best way to learn how to edit video with Movavi Video Editor is to just start doing so. Because of how intuitive it is you should be able to quickly find and apply the features that you need, and before you know it you’ll be able to create impressive videos with its help.