Why real hackers prefer Linux over Windows and Mac

Why do hackers like Linux over mac, Windows, and different operative systems?

We have printed several tutorials for hackers and security researchers.you will have detected that almost all tutorials are supported linux operative system. Even the hacking tools out there are supported linux blackball a couple of that are written for Windows and waterproof. The moot question here is that why do hackers like linux over waterproof or Windows?

Today we glance at the explanation why hackers invariably like linux over waterproof, Windows, and different operative systems.you will have your own reasons for selecting linuxhowever what do hackers very forestall to whereas operating with linux


Reason #1: program line interface vs graphical program

Linux was designed around a powerful and extremely integrated program line interface. Windows and waterproof don’t have that. This grants hackers and linux so much bigger access and management over their system and awe-inspiring customization. this is often the explanation that almost all hacking and pentesting tools are designed into linux have bigger practicality higher than and on the far side their windows counterparts. In distinction, Windows was designed round the graphic program (GUI). This prohibit user interaction to point-and-click navigation (slower) and application/system menu choices for configuration.

Windows features a command structure, like electronic communication and Power Shell, however, these don’t provide hackers/developers the whole practicality and integration compared with linux. This hampers their work as hacking is typically going on the far side the well-defined command lines.This is often the rationale that although hacking tools like Metasploit or nmap area unit ported for Windows, they don’t have capabilities like linux.

Compared to Windows, linuxis a lot of granular. meaning linux offers users infinite quantity of management over the system. In Windows, you merely will management what Microsoft permits you to regulate. In Linux, everything are often controlled by the terminal within the most very small to the foremost macro level. additionally, linux makes scripting in any of the scripting languages straightforward and effective.

Reason #2: linux is lighter and a lot of transportable

This is arguably the most effective reason for selecting linux over mack and Windows. Hackers will simply produce made-to-order live boot disks and drives from any linux distribution that they require. The installation is fast and its lightweight on resources. To memory, I will solely consider one program that allows you to produce Windows live disks and it wasn’t nearly as lightweight or as fast to put in. linux is formed even lighter as several distros area unit specifically bespoke as light-weight distros. you’ll be able to examine the highest light-weight linux distros here.

Reason #3: Linux is often safer

Ask a professional hacker or security scientist that software is that the most secure of all of them, and maybe a hundred and one out a hundred can unflinchingly swear by Linux. Windows is well-liked attributable to its reach among average users and recognition amongst programmers as a result of it’s a lot of profitable to write down a program for Windows. in additional recent years, quality has mature for linux based mostly operating systems like macintosh OS, Android, and Linux. As a result, these platforms became a lot of profitable targets for attackers. Still, Linux could be a quite a little safer than Windows and macintosh out of the box.

Reason #4: Linux is just about universal

Just about everything runs some type of linux operating system (Internet of Things, routers, web-servers, etc.). Doesn’t it be that you simply would target those systems from a tool running an equivalent platform? on balance, the goal is to form things easier on yourself. You don’t wish to stress concerning compatibility issues.

Reson #5: Linux Is Open supply

Unlike Windows or mackintosh, Linux is open supply. What which means for United States of America is that the ASCII text file of the software system is obtainable to United States of America. As such, we will amendment and manipulate it as we have a tendency to please. If you’re making an attempt to create a system operate in ways in which it had been not supposed, having the ability to govern the ASCII text file is crucial.

Think of it this manner. may you imagine Microsoft giving United States of America a plug-in/MMC or no matter to govern or amendment the kernel of Windows for hacking? in fact NOT!

Reason #6: Linux Is clear

To hack effectively, you need to understand and perceive your software system and to an oversized extent, the software system you’re offensive. Linux is completely clear, which means we will see and manipulate all its operating elements.

Not therefore with Windows. Actually, the other is true. Microsoft engineers exerting to create it not possible for users or hackers to seek out the inner workings of their software system. On Windows, you’re truly operating with what Microsoft has given you rather that what you wish. Here Linux differs philosophically from Microsoft. Linux was developed as an software system to offer users a lot of management over it instead of create them do what the developers wish.

Summary : Linux vs Windows and macintosh

You have to know that hackers and security man of science area unit here to form cash. Hackers hack platforms that area unit profitable. Windows has been the popular alternative inside enterprise environments and with the common client. It’s the popular alternative for developers (apple licensing prices and restrictions), that is why Windows is thus compatible. Apple has been too costly for customers and Linux is candidly not that easy (buggy, lack of graphical user interface, etc.). You don’t have a mean Joe simply change on a Linux PC/laptop and doing what he needs.

However, this is often ever-changing. With the arrival of automaton smartphones, there has been a paradigm shift in user’s preferences. As additional users switch to Mac/iOS and Android/Linux, attackers can shift to targeting these platforms. With net of Things foretold to consequent game-changer in school, Linux can emerge as a formidable contender to Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s macintosh. As of these days, most net of Things connected devices area unit power-driven by Linux and given the transparency and management offered in Linux, it’ll stay thus.

Hacking isn’t for the uninitiate. Hacking is an elite profession among the IT field. As such, it needs an in depth and careful understanding of IT ideas and technologies. At the foremost basic level, Linux could be a demand for hackers and security researchers.