SpaceX Halts Rocket Launch 10 Seconds Before Planned Liftoff

Elon Musk’s area Exploration Technologies business firm. Halted the launch of its second rocket in as several months on weekday, regarding ten seconds before its scheduled rising.

“All systems go, except the movement trace of associate degree higher stage engine steering hydraulic piston was slightly odd. Standing right down to investigate,” Musk aforementioned in an exceedingly Twitter post.

The rocket, that was set to ferry provides destined for the International space platform, was investigated Friday for what Musk referred to as a “very small” leak within the higher stage before it had been deemed equal to fly.

In a second tweet on weekday, Musk aforementioned the “flight would be fine” if there are not any different problems, tho’ SpaceX wants “to ensure that it isn’t diagnostic an additional important upstream cause.”


The company can “take a more in-depth look into associate degree engine mechanism on the second stage,” SpaceX representative John Taylor aforementioned in associate degree e-mail. The launch at the Kennedy area Center in Florida has been rescheduled for Sunday at 9:38 a.m., he said.

Saturday’s launch would are the company’s second since a fireball destroyed a unique rocket and its payload on a Florida launch pad in September. SpaceX, that completed simply eight missions in 2016, with success came back to the skies last month with the delivery of ten communications satellites into orbit.

SpaceX has contracts with the National natural philosophy and area Administration valued at $4.2 billion to resupply the space platform victimization its pilotless Dragon artificial satellite and ultimately to ferry astronauts to the station from the U.S. with a version of Dragon that’s capable of carrying crews. the govt. responsibility workplace aforementioned Thursday in an exceedingly report that SpaceX and contestant Boeing Co. won’t be certified this year to send astronauts to area and will be delayed into 2019 as a result of potential safety hazards.

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