Symple wants to be Venmo for business payments

Between Venmo, Square money and even Snapcash, no one can argue that it’s arduous to send payments to a lover.

But it wasn’t invariably this approach. Paper checks used to be the de factor method of reimbursement — and it had been untidy, time-consuming and obscurity close to instant — somebody might wait a month to money a check you wrote them, leaving you with associate degree annoying surprise once the cash is withdrawn once you forgot regarding even writing the check.

And the surprising factor is that the greatest little business within the U.S. still use paper checks to remit and accept payments from alternative businesses. For example, a typical restaurant might finish up cutting quite a hundred checks a month to dozens of various vendors — and picture what number checks the vendors ought to deposit!

Enter simple. Part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2017 batch, the startup calls itself Venmo for Businesses — and it pretty much is.

Here’s how it works:

When a business gets associate degree invoice, they snap a picture of it and send it to simple (or send them the e-mail if it’s a digital invoice). The startup then passes the amount, due date, etc. — and notifies whoever controls the budget that there is a payment pending.

With one click simple will then remit a payment directly to the vendor’s checking account.

Of course, this means vendors have to be compelled to check in and supply the startup with their account info. But Steve patriarch, co-founder of simple, explained that vendors have been receptive to the current sign-up process as a result of, at the end of the day, it will increase the speed and dependability of their accounts assets.

The platform also has some basic analytics intrinsic . They provide a dashboard to trace payments over time, upcoming and due liabilities and even the prime classes wherever your business is disbursal its cash.

Currently sample is targeted on sign language up restaurants and bars, mainly as a result of the welcome business is noted for having lots of invoices to pay weekly. But eventually they can expand into alternative industries, with the goal of turning into an internet payment platform for all B2B purchases.

Right now, the service is free for all businesses to make and receive payments on-line and manage their invoices. Eventually they plan to introduce a premium tier that may offer a lot of advanced accounting options — like direct integration into QuickBooks and alternative accounting systems. This plan can price up to $150/month, depending on the quantity of users and invoices processed.

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