The inevitable: understanding the twelve technological forces that can form our future

We’re back once more with another in our weekly reading list posts of books we expect our community can notice fascinating and thought provocative. Once again, shopping for the book via the Amazon links during this story additionally helps support .

Kevin Kelly, whose bio continuously notes that he “helped launch Wired Magazine,” is one amongst those those who continuously causes you to assume. I fancy his writing and insights into technology over with regards to anyone else. therefore it’s exciting to check his new book out, entitled The Inevitable: Understanding the twelve Technological Forces which will form Our Future. this is not a book concerning creating specific predictions concerning this or that technology, however rather an effort to seem at specific larger trends that Kelly believes square measure “inevitable.” From there, you’ll be able to begin to have faith in what it’d mean for technology, life, work and far, much more.

For anyone curious about the items we have a tendency to state here: the intersection of technology, economics, business and policy, i would place this one on the should browse list. generally once you are deep within the weeds of varied technologies, it’s tough to separate specific implementations (successful or not) from the larger overall trends. But, within the end of the day, it is the trends that square measure most vital. you will not believe all of Kelly’s thoughts on what trends square measure inevitable, however they’re going to (inevitably!) force you to have faith in wherever we’re going. As always, Kelly is incredibly, terribly optimistic concerning these items, that are some things I usually believe, however albeit you are discouraged concerning the longer term, I still assume this is often a worthy book (in reality, i am unable to wait till one amongst the distinguished “tech skeptics” tries to dismantle every of the inevitable trends during this book, as i am positive which will be a fun browse as well).