The link between obersvation & innovation

Start with what already exists
If we glance up the which means of the word innovation in any wordbook or anyplace, there’s one word whose presence will be secure within the description, the word is ‘new’. And this word dictates our entire thought method whenever we predict concerning innovation in any kind. So, plainly as entrepreneurs once we take up the responsibility to introduce, we have a tendency to begin specializing in one thing which does not exist.

But is not it a contradiction, focus {is one thing|are some things|are a few things} that is tough to attain even for existing things and that we need to stay our specialise in something which does not exist. Consequently, most of the days we discover it terribly laborious to introduce. another approach that solves this contradiction is that we have a tendency to shift our focus to the items that already existed.

Innovators do not simply see, they observe
This has so been a key attribute in most successful entrepreneurs, they’re excellent observers of existing things. they do not simply see folks, places, processes or the planet around them, they observe it rigorously. The habit of observation generates the {required|the mandatory} food required by our brains to make one thing new. U.S.|allow us to} learn a method which will facilitate us sensible|observe|keep} observations and be good innovators. The technique involves applying Associate in Nursing innovation tool whereas creating observations.

The innovation tool
The tool, shown below, will be best understood as a graphical illustration having a horizontal and a vertical axis.

  • At the vertical axis we will place time and at horizontal axis we will place completely different views which might be memorized as Triticum spelta (Social, Political, Economical, Legal and Technological)
  • .Apply every perspective one by one at the topic in any order as you wish.
  • Use the time axis to 1st see the changes that it’s older from past to gift so extrapolate the changes to possess some prediction regarding the long run.
  • It is attainable that a number of the views or continuance can suit some subjects higher and a few others can suit a distinct subject higher. simply decide those that provide you with the foremost attention-grabbing ideas.
    Let’s take associate example
    Let’s take the instance of searching. Apply the primary perspective ‘social’ to that. One social phenomena that emerged come in recent past is cluster searching (although, the top user buys things singly however the underlying phenomena uses a gaggle to urge higher deals). currently extrapolating it to future we will consider some a lot of social interaction supported people’s style in searching, perhaps a platform that uses cluster searching and binds folks during a a lot of cohesive cluster supported their tastes etc. and gets higher user engagement.

Similarly we will apply different views and generate marvelous ideas. this method may be used to create general observations regarding attention-grabbing things or phenomena one comes across or it may be applied to a selected space, once one wants some purposeful innovation around a selected topic.