Think Apple computers are still malware immune? This new attack proves otherwise

Apple computers do not fall prey to viruses and malware—at least that has been the prevailing story encompassing them for the past few decades. For a protracted time that was true however currently Apple’s macOS devices management a better share of the technical school market, which makes them a ripe target.

Case in purpose, Bitdefender simply shared preliminary analysis on a brand new style of malware that targets macOS devices and is especially insidious. Bitdefender believes it had been created by APT28, conjointly referred to as Fancy Bear, identical Russian government-affiliated cluster behind the 2016 election hacking and leaks.

The malware, joined to APT28 as a result of its engineered on Agent like its alternative creations, will steal passwords, capture live screenshots, and even duplicate iPhone backups.

How this new malware works

This new malware infects macOS machines through the Complex downloader, itself a chunk of malware that downloads and executes alternative programs accustomed steal knowledge. Complex is mostly put in via spear phishing attacks and alternative infected DMG files and executables.

Complex reaches resolute its command and management servers, that within the case of this explicit infection are named therefore on throw off detection methods: they appear like official Apple servers.

Once connected Complex monitors everything that happens on the infected machine, in addition as downloading modules that permit it to log keys, harvest passwords, see running lists of active processes, index files, take screenshots, and even copy iPhone backups—all while not the user knowing.

Is it extremely Russian in origin?

Bitdefender appears assured in its assertion that this new malware originates from alleged Russian government actor APT28. “Today’s sample conjointly reports to a C& C universal resource locator that’s a twin of the Sofacy/APT28/Sednit Complex OSX Trojan,” it said, conjointly indicating that variety of modules within the Agent module for macOS and similar spyware developed by APT28 target Windows and UNIX system machines.

If true it a minimum of points to wherever your purloined knowledge is going: Russia. What use a government-affiliated hacking cluster has for your MasterCard numbers, passwords, iPhone backups, and alternative files is left up to the imagination. despite what it’s it is not excellent news for private or business macOS users.

How to defend your network

The ostensibly unlimited quantity of sensitive knowledge one infected machine will harvest ought to be enough of a warning to network directors And security professionals: Take preventive steps to prevent an infection before it starts.

First, macOS machines ought to be prevented from downloading and corporal punishment programs that do not return from the App Store or another approved supply. If users are allowed to transfer and run any code they need its solely a matter of your time before APT28—or another malware producer—gains management of a machine.

Steps should even be taken to coach users on phishing interference, best security practices, and correct use of their BYOD pc for business. Computers cannot be infected if individuals do not build the mistakes that permit them to urge that method.

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