Trump immigration ban: Microsoft seeks exception for its employees

Top American IT company Microsoft on Fri requested the Trump administration to ease travel restrictions on its workers suffering from the manager Order of the America President on immigration, visa and border security.

In a letter to America Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary information John Kelly, Microsoft Chief Legal Officer pressman L Smith aforesaid seventy-six Microsoft workers together with forty-one dependents have non-immigrant visas to measure and add the America and area unit wedged by the manager Order.

“After contacting these workers and their families, we’ve learned that a number of them have significantly pressing wants. As an example, we have a tendency to area unit involved regarding families that are separated joined or each folks were outside the America last Fri and thus cannot enter the country and area unit stranded faraway from their homes,” he wrote.

“We also are involved regarding an wedged worker within the America with a desperate got to visit a critically ill parent abroad. These things nearly definitely aren’t distinctive to our workers and their families. Therefore, we have a tendency to ask that you just produce an exception method to handle these and alternative accountable applications for entry into the country,” he said.

Smith aforesaid he believes such an exception beneath the present framework of the manager Order would facilitate address compelling personal wants while not compromising the manager Order’s security-related goals.

From the attitude of safety and security, a large vary of private data is understood regarding people holding non-immigrant work visas, together with their occupation, place of labor, place of residence, relations, state identification/driver’s license data, and also the existence of any criminal history, he wrote.

These aren’t individuals making trying to avoid detection. Rather, these people area unit “known quantities” in their communities: their character, personalities, conduct, and behavior is well recognised and understood by their employers, colleagues, friends, and neighbours, he added.

Smith aforesaid these people fill essential roles within the organisations that use them, whether or not they area unit doctors, scientists, engineers, medical technicians, researchers, architects, software system developers, or any variety of alternative extremely skilled professionals.

They are deeply valued contributors to the innovation, research, and business acumen of our nation, and that they serve essential roles within the self-made operations people corporations, he said.

Smith aforesaid the people WHO would be eligible for the projected exception have already been vetted on various levels by the U.S. Government for security risks to be approved for employment on a non-immigrant visa.

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