Verizon is about to announce it'll be buying Yahoo for $5 billion.

According to rearrange, terms haven’t been finalized, however Yahoo’s board has settled on Verizon as its new owner, that we tend to all reasonably saw returning.

It’s Verizon’s latest move to become quite a carrier. Last year, it bought AOL for $4.4 billion — another move that had several scratching their heads.

Yahoo is another odd purchase, however low-hanging fruit however. Services like Yahoo Sports and News square measure still well likeable. alternative Yahoo properties can possible be jettisoned once the new parent company takes over.

It’s additionally not a large greenback quantity, all things thought-about. Social services like WhatsApp and LinkedIn have recently sold-out for four to 5 times the maximum amount as Verizon is reportedly paying for Yahoo.

And there’s Tumblr and Flickr to contemplate likewise. It’s not clear what Verizon’s plans square measure for Yahoo nonetheless — it might operate it as a subsidiary, or wrap it all underneath the Verizon cloak — thus there’s reason to fret your favorite service might vanish or amendment drastically

Verizon doesn’t wish Marissa Mayer

Since taking on Yahoo, Mayer created herself busy deed smaller corporations and going all-in on mobile technology.

Some of those bets have created associate degree appearance; Yahoo’s own mobile apps square measure far more trendy and attractive, particularly Mail.

Others — not such a lot. As Gizmodo recently arranged out, most of Yahoo’s acquisitions spelled doom for the corporate or technology being purchased. All told, several of Mayer’s buys merely perceived to vanish into the ether.

Flickr and Tumblr, 2 of Yahoo’s mainstays, also are questionable buys. each had hefty pricetags , and neither have done abundant for Yahoo’s bottom line. In its recent earnings, Yahoo once more wrote down an out sized chunk of its Tumblr pay, suggesting it had been having hassle monetizing its social layer.

And perhaps thanks to this, Verizon is reportedly not fascinated by keeping Mayer (who is absolutely weird) around. AOL boss Tim Armstrong is predicted to require over leadership of Yahoo once Verizon acquires it — lucky, as he once projected associate degree AOL-Yahoo merger to Mayer, World Health Organization turned him down.

At least one in every of them are around to ascertain what might need been.