Vodafone research reveals number of large scale IoT projects doubled in the last year

Vodafone revealed these days its fifth annual IoT measuring device Report1 – the leading international survey of business sentiment relating to investment and innovation within the net of Things.

The measuring device report found that:

  • The percentage of companies with more than 50,000 connected devices active has doubled in the last 12 months
  • 84% of IoT adopters say that their use of IoT has grown in the last year
  • 51% of IoT adopters say that the technology is increasing revenues or opening up new revenue streams
  • 66% of all companies agree that digital transformation is impossible without IoT

Businesses within the Americas have light-emitting diode the means in clasp massive scale IoT comes, wherever nineteen of corporations victimisation Internet of Things have quite 10,000 connected devices, compared to thirteen in Europe and seven in Asia Pacific. The big scale users additionally report a number of the largest business gains with 67 of them highlight vital returns from the utilization of Internet of Things.

Energy and utility corporations area unit at the forefront of the most important Internet of Things comes worldwide, with applications like good meters and pipeline watching.

The vary of advantages that users have gotten from Internet of Things is additionally widening as adoption will increase – bigger business insights, reduced prices and improved worker productivity high the list globally. In Asia Pacific 53 take advantage of respondents cited multiplied market competiveness because the high profit compared to thirty fifth within the Americas and thirty third in Europe. Within the automotive sector, 51 of corporations say that IoT helps to enhance whole differentiation.


Security in IoT continues to be the largest barrier for organisations relating to preparation. However, in corporations with 10,000 or a lot of connected devices operative solely 7-membered say security is their high worry. Organisations area unit taking a lot of steps to tackle security issues as well as a rise in security coaching for existing employees, operating with specialist security suppliers and recruiting a lot of IT security specialists.

As the scale of Internet of Things comes will increase the report additionally notes an increase in property needs. corporations area unit trying to use a mixture of technologies from fastened line to low power wide space networks (LP-WAN) counting on the appliance. Typically, massive scale comes use four totally different property choices with mobile and Wi-Fi the 2 most well liked. There’s increasing interest within the newer technologies like Narrowband Internet of Things, with 28 of all corporations currently considering it and different LP-WAN choices, for brand new IoT comes.


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