WhatsApp could get beaten by Google’s Allo

After releasing Google Duo, the company now plans on releasing a chat messenger named Google Allo.


After Google launched its video-calling app almost a week ago, even the world’s most popular gaming app, Pokemon Go was left behind. In fact, the company even went on to argue about how the level of simplicity that Duo offers isn’t matched by any other current field of video calling/conference services.

If this wasn’t enough already, Google now plans on releasing a chat messenger slightly similar to WhatsApp. They have named it Google Allo.

Allo comes with a similar interface as Duo ­­– the only difference is, it comes with added features like voice message, Smart Reply, Whisper and Shout. It will further be equipped with an end-to-end encryption and incognito conversations. This will allow users to chat with their respective privacy. In fact, these conversations can even disappear like Snapchat. In this case, the users get to decide the expiration date of the chat.

This isn’t the first time Google tried delivering chat messaging services to the market. Previously, Google introduced GTalk and Hangouts. However, it didn’t receive as much prominence as WhatsApp.

While, only selected number of users have been able to get their hands on the preview version of the app; the latter will truly be put to test once it is made officially made for download.