Top 10 Best Home Theatre Speakers Under Rs 4000 in India (2017)

Best Home Theatre Speakers Under Rs 4000 – The very first home theatre speaker system was commonly used around the country during the middle of the 90s. Nowadays, these home theatre systems are widely used by all. This has brought a new dimension for all the music lovers across the country. Here we have listed best speakers under Rs 4000. These speakers are perfect for playing music, games, movies and online videos on mobile phones , MAC and PC.

Top 10 Best Home Theatre Speakers Under Rs 4000 in India (2017):

Philips Heartbeat SPA-3000U/94 Home Theatre Speakers Under Rs 4000


Brand philips
Model SPA3000U/94
Frequency response 20Hz to 200kHz
Output 28 Watts
Weight 4.8 kg

Flow SBW100


Brand Flow
Model SBW100
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz
Output 50W
Weight 7 kg

Philips Dhoom MMS2580B


Brand Philips
Model MMS2580B
Frequency response 50Hz – 200Hz
Output 20W
Weight 2.9 kg

iBall Tarang 4.1


Brand iBall
Model Tarang 4.1 USB
Frequency response 35 – 200 Hz
Output 60W
Weight 6 kg

Havit HV-SF5410U 4.1


Brand Havit
Model HV-SF5410U
Frequency response 40Hz – 20kHz
Output 22 Watts
Weight 6 kg

5 Core HT-4125


Brand 5 Core
Model HT-4125
Frequency response 60Hz-100Hz
Output 20W
Weight 7 kg



Brand BBC
Frequency response 40 Hz to 100 Hz
Output 40 Watts
Weight 8 kg

Intex IT-600B-SUF 5.1


Brand Intex
Model IT-600B-SUF
Frequency response 50 Hz – 100 Hz
Output 40 Watts
Weight 5 kg

Mitashi HT 5060 BT 2.1


Brand Mitashi
Model HT 5060
Frequency response 50Hz to 200kHz
Output 3500W
Weight 4.4 kg

INTEX IT-500B 5.1


Model IT-500B
Frequency response 90Hz to 20kHz
Output 30W
Weight 4.6 kg

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